Calling all Swifties! Yes, that’s right Taylor loves Juju’s just as much as you.

As if we needed any proof that Juju jelly shoes never go out of style Taylor wore our JuJu Reilly’s on the 1989 (Taylor’s Version) album cover, Aquamarine Green Edition. On the cover she is sat on a dock, her hair blowing in the wind, pairing her amethyst jellies with blue jeans and that signature red lip.

She looks totally gorgeous as ever, so if you’re tempted to buy the Reilly in every colour don’t blame me.

It would seem it has been a JuJu love story for Taylor for quite some time as eagle eyed fan account @taylorswiftstyled spotted her wearing them in June ‘22


Some critics say jelly shoes are just for nostalgia and they haven’t worn them since childhood but we never grow up. While some may think of jelly shoes as a relic of the past, we know all too well that everything has changed – From our new lightweight EVA range, to the ever-growing range of colours and glitters we can offer and faster shipping than ever, Juju remains timeless yet innovative forever & always.

If you are in love with the Reilly or any other style and have been holding off on that purchase for whatever reason, don’t find yourself saying would’ve, could’ve, should’ve it’s time to get them! We will be your superman - here is a 10% discount code, treat yourself!


We will send them off to you safe and sound.

And whether you wear them to dance in the midnight rain, or to the Christmas tree farm, on Coney Island or down Cornelia Street we hope they bring you Happiness.

Oh Taylor look what you made me do *adds to cart*

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September 15, 2023 — Paul Ablett