Our Story

About Us

The creators of the original British Jelly Shoe

Founded in 1986

Over 30 years in Business

Pioneers of the production of the original injection sandals

Started in Northamptonshire

About JuJu Shoes

At JuJu Footwear we're exceptionally proud to call ourselves the creators of the original British Jelly Shoe and have been manufacturing iconic PVC sandals and children's wellington boots in our own factory for over 30 years.

JuJu started life in 1986 as injection moulders to the shoe trade in the UK. A family run business founded by Rushton Schafer (Ruston Ablett Ltd) based here in Northampton "The shoe capital of britain", we prioneered the production of the original injection sandals. These were soon nicknamed "Jelly Shoes" due to their soft jelly like finish and soon became a fashion and seaside favourite.

Style, Versatility & Colour

JuJu Shoes are all about style, versatility and colour. Creating classing designs and re-releasing them with a contemporary twist is what we do best. We are passionate about producing new fun and functional designs to suit the modern market. JuJu jelly shoes are still made in the traditional manufacturing method, in the same factory and to the highest standards and quality as the very first day they were made.

Unique to JuJu Shoes

Our Special Jelly Mix

Sourced in England

The special jelly mix, is completely unique to JuJu, and is
made into your favourite jelly shoes by adding a touch of glitter and colour to
the jelly machine. The materials we use are sourced in England and are
recyclable so any waste jellies are ground-up and made into brand new products!

New for 2023

Our latest range

In 2023 we launched the next generation of JuJu – The D-Light range is made from a soft lightweight eva in a range of colours. These super comfy sandals keep the classic JuJu silhouettes which have been iconically linked to the brand for many years but add new elements of foamy fun to our range.